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GT Hydrokinetic, LLC

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Harnesses the power of rivers and oceans!

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Rotates with the natural current of a river or ocean

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Can provide multi-megawatts of affordable power!

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Can generate substantial power based on its size!

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A closed fluid drive system that transmits the hydrokinetic energy to the electric generator!

Mission Statement

GT Hydrokinetic, LLC is committed to providing innovative, pollution free, sustainable energy solutions that endable our customers to be fiscally responsible while sharing our commitment to creating a clean and safe enviroment for all to enjoy.

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About Us

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Each turbine has an internal fluid drive that can provide multi-megawatts of affordable, pollution free electricity. This system operates underwater, and is powered by ocean and/or large river currents. The biggest advantage to the system is once deployed and operational there is a very low cost to maintain the system.

GT Hydrokinetic, LLC is committed to building a company that provides innovative, pollution free energy solutions that are not only affordable, but maintains our commitment to a clean and safe environment.

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Where Are We Going:

Who Are We:

GT Hydrokinetic, LLC is now focused on seeking new investors and partnerships to assist in licensing and utilization of the patented technology. GT Hydrokinetic, LLC is confident that this technology can be utilized to provide clean utility scale power to the world. The simplicity of the system along with its low cost to maintain makes the GT Hydrokinetic, LLC one of the most innovative, renewable energy devices available today. The big advantage over wind and solar power is the GT Hydrokinetic, LLC can produce utility scale power at a much lower cost.

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GT Hydrokinetic, LLC was founded in September of 2010 with the help of a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Memphis, who was persuaded to use his personal time to evaluate this invention.

The Professor spent many hours reviewing and running calculations on this patented technology and it was clear that this hydrokinetic energy system had the potential to produce multi-megawatts of electricity. The major advantage this system has over solar or even wind is that the GT Hydrokinetic, LLC can produce continuous multi-megawatts of power utilizing constant river and ocean currents 24/7.

The GT Hydrokinetic, LLC's cost is very competitive with coal producing processes and uses today's technology along with parts and materials that are readily available. Also, it can provide clean, affordable electricity that is both economically and ecologically responsible.

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GT Hydrokinetic, LLC would like to express our appreciation the follow companies for the assistance. Many of them have donated their time, materials along with their support to the success of this project.

Memphis Public Library – The University of Memphis – The Library Channel – Logix Transport Solutions. LLC – Economy Boat Store – Frazier, Barnes & Associates – TVA – The Law Office of Edward Bearman – US Corp of Engineers – Metal Specialties Company – MLGW- Forcum Lannom Contractors, LLC

News and Events

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September 2010 - GT Hydrokinetic, LLC was founded. Over 100,000 dollars was raised from small investors in the first year.

October 2010 - A presentation was given to Representative Marsha Blackburn at the University of Memphis on the patented technology of the GT Hydrokinetic, LLC.

January 2011 GT Hydrokinetic, LLC met with engineers and other personnel at the TVA for possible collaboration and assistance.

April 11th 2011 - GT Hydrokinetic, LLC LLC had a successful launch of an 18 foot prototype in the Mississippi River in Memphis, TN for the TVA. This prototype is on display at the Memphis Agricenter International.

May 2011 - GT Hydrokinetic, LLC was awarded $35,000.00 in grants while competing in the TTDC NEXT Conference.

In 2012 - A private investor provided a 300,000 dollars investment.
With the investment, GT Hydrokinetic, LLC has been working to build a 45 foot test turbine.

August 26th, 2015 - An investor meeting was held in Memphis, TN. Edward Bearman provided a general overview of the status of GT Hydrokinetic, LLC. Several motions were presented to the investors for their approval. A motion to change the LLC from a Director Managed LLC to a Board Managed LLC was presented and approved. Also, by a motion carried by the investors, a five member Board of Directors was selected and approved. This will strengthen the management structure, and enhance the growth of the company. The meeting was concluded with a general business plan presented by Pete Moss of Frasier, Barnes and Associates.

GT Hydrokinetic, LLC will now focus its efforts on seeking new investors and possible partnerships to license the patented technology.

Contact Us

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Mail to:
3540 Summer Ave., Suite 200
Memphis, TN 38122
ph: 901-229-1395
fax: 901-323-0846
alt: 901-229-1395

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