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GT Hydrokinetic LLC is a young company that has developed a patented hydrokinetic fluid drive technology that harnesses the natural kinetic energy of rivers and ocean currents. Our technology only requires a modest hydrokinetic current flow to rotate a unit that can generate utility scale power 24/7. This technology will have an enormous impact on the demand to reduce CO2 emissions and providing green renewable energy throughout the world.

While only rotating at the speed of a moving river or ocean current, our unique technology is environmentally benign, containing no hazardous materials. Working best when fully submerged in a naturally occurring flow such as a river, an ocean current, or even a tidal flow, it is completely unseen and unheard by the public. Based on size these water turbines will produce 150 kW to over 10 MW of usable green electrical power.

Conventional hydrokinetic technologies require a costly and troublesome mechanical transmission to convert the slow speed of the naturally occurring flow to the high rotational speed required to efficiently drive an electric generator. GT Hydro’s unique and innovative technology replaces this costly and troublesome mechanical transmission with a fluid drive system that is more efficient, removes any torque issues, minimizes the number of moving parts and at the same time, increases the rotation velocity of the inner turbine. Another benefit of our technology is that when you double the size of the wheel, it quadruples the output. Power in the flow is proportional to wheel diameter squared. Double the Diameter - Quadruple the Power!

With a successful “proof of concept’ completed, GT Hydro is seeking the right partner or investor to move into the final stages of commercialization. Founded by the inventor and a professor of mechanical engineering from the University of Memphis, our LLC members come from diverse backgrounds, brought together by our passion to bring this unique technology to market.

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The demand for renewable energy is increasing. GT Hydro technology will play a valuable role in reducing CO2 emissions and providing green electrical power 24/7.With less moving parts in our “fluid drive” than the conventional mechanical drive, maintenance and production cost have now been dramatically reduced.

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GT Hydro turbine can supply green energy 24/7for many applications. Integrating with other green technologies to retro fit facilities to reduce carbon footprints, will minimize the cost of moving away from non-renewable while maintaining existing infra structure

Electrical Power

  • Power for green hydrogen production facilities
  • Power for carbon capture technology providing a fully green carbon capture system.
  • Power for EV charging stations providing a fully green transportation solution.
  • Provide off hour back up power for solar farms to maintain fully charged storage systems 24/7.
  • Easily adaptable to the smart grid technology.

GTH Turbine – Attributes

  • Generates 24/7…river/ocean most predictable, consistent Kinetic Energy
  • The GT Hydro technology…maximum capture of river/ocean Kinetic Energy 24/7
  • Lower capital and operating costs than other renewables utilizing readily American components
  • Faster ROI than other renewable energy
  • Simplicity leads to reliability & durability…less maintenance
  • Zero carbon footprint in operation/Zero fuel cost
  • Environmentally benign
  • Can be scaled-up to provide multiple MW-h per unit
  • Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Resistant
  • GT Hydro technology does not require subsidies



Pete Moss – 901-725-7258

Mike Roberts – 901-229-1395